Q1 2022

Engine development

  • Outlook add-in's support for mobile devices
  • Extended sending model
  • Campaigns created automatically
  • New score system
  • Increasing of automation for another modules of system
  • New reports

 Q2 2022

Platform development

  • New onboarding
  • Support module development
  • PPU
  • Surprise

Roadmap archive

 Q3 2019

Transfers to Azure

  • Transfer of compute, website, and reporting to Azura.
  • Integrate logging with Office 365 - you can log in via Azure Active Directory.
  • Standardizing the API - within the service available on

 Q4 2019

Make it better - final tests and improvements

  • Artefact version 1.0 of the backend is coming to Kubernetes.
  • Shorten build and deployment time to 2 minutes.
  • Introduction of tutorials for administrators.
  • Support for WYSIWYG.
  • Implementation of multiple containers.

 Q1 2020

Let's start update - Koala already grown up and is a big bear

  • We've completed the beta phase and Koala has become a full-fledged product.
  • The Koala is now a big teddy bear.
  • Ability to add custom message templates by user.
  • Implementation of visual improvements related to interface scaling.
  • Optimized performance in google chrome and mozilla firefox browser.
  • Improvements in visual interface scaling.
  • New improved admin menu.
  • Added 12 new message templates.

 Q2 2020

Scarry update - you want your data back, then give me your Bitcoins

  • A brand new phishing campaign that mimics a data encryption attack and holds you ransom in bitcoins. The perfect campaign to create fear!
  • We have added information about the user turning off the computer during the simulated attack.
  • Update of moderator tools.
  • New module with summary reports, which present the overall situation in the enterprise by aggregating data from all conducted campaigns.
  • New more extensive campaign reports - more charts showing progress effectiveness of attacks during the campaign.
  • New report generation and data collection engine.
  • The ability to add multiple administrators to a single company with different permissions.
  • Repair of minor bugs.
  • Update moderator tools.
  • Added 18 new message templates.

 Q3 2020

Holliday update - new campaign, login and training with certificates!

  • New campaign that mimics logging into M365. After clicking on the link the user is redirected to a page that imitates logging into your company M365 account - no login information is We do not collect any login data, we only record the fact of their entry.
  • We have added the possibility of logging into koali via company's AAD account;
  • We have improved training for your employees. It has become more natural, intuitive and, according to our research, even more effective!
  • Every trainee who achieves a minimum of 80% of the possible points will receive a certificate confirming his/her knowledge and successful training!
  • Ability to export data from campaign reports.
  • Update of importing employees from CSV file - added sample file and introduced 10 character encodings.
  • Added the ability for users to connect their own domains to send messages.
  • We have introduced 10 new sending domains.
  • The ability to create and send meeting invitations along with a phishing campaign in the application Microsoft Teams. The meetings are automatically entered into the user's calendar, who received an email.
  • Addition of the possibility of automatic entry into the calendar of the user who received them.
  • Add the ability to automatically go to training from the admin panel.
  • Update moderator tools.
  • Added 8 new message templates.

 Q4 2020

Christmas update – better ergonomics, AAD integration and full history of user actions user actions history

  • Full log documentation of individual user actions while running simulated attacks. You will find out when and what actions were performed by Your actions performed by your employee after receiving the message.
  • New module showing the weakest links in the organization – analysis of behavior behavior of individual users during simulated attacks and assigning points for each dangerous behavior allows to locate those who pose a notorious threat.
  • New campaign allowing to identify the weakest links in an organization.
  • New campaign that allows you to send employees a direct invitation to training – you no longer have to fish your employees with messages if you want to training, just send them an invitation to the course.
  • The ability to import employees by integrating Koala with your company's AAD. Thanks to you don't have to worry about laying off employees and bringing in new ones. new employees. Koala will update the employee list itself and create tags for them.
  • Add a module showing the training coverage of the company.
  • The ability to administer multiple accounts simultaneously – one user can be connected to several companies and perform different roles in them.
  • Changes to the main view of the admin panel – new layout to quickly get to the most important functionalities of the system quickly. Categorization of the dashboard’u facilitating quick understanding of the system.
  • We added 12 new message templates.

 Q1 2021

New look update – new year, new look and refreshed reports

  • Koala has grown up and is more beautiful! We refreshed the layout in line with the new logo. We have introduced, among other things: new buttons, tables, charts, we have facilitated navigation in the website.
  • Reports have become even better! They have gained a new friendly structure with detailed navigation. Each section has been redesigned and given a description of presented data, thanks to which even an inexperienced analyst will be able to easily understand the presented information presented. We have introduced new indicators that will allow for more accurate analysis and we have improved the presentation of the data already present in the in okKoala
  • We have introduced the ability to set specific dates, start times and duration of each created campaigns. Now you can plan Koala activities for the whole year and not worry about nothing.
  • We added a timeline showing your planned campaigns over time.
  • We got rid of bugs related to displaying missions in training in some users.
  • Added a send timeline that tells you the exact time each message to users.
  • Improvements to the English translation.
  • We have also refreshed 37 templates and introduced 6 new ones.

 Q2 2021

Spring update – create custom training today

  • Implementation of a module that allows you to create your own training courses with the possibility of adding your own graphic and multimedia materials, etc.
  • Ability to archive completed phishing campaigns.
  • Update the phishing tools.
  • Update of moderator tools.
  • Implementation of new message template categorization.
  • Improvements to training in English.
  • Addition of a course selection feature when creating a campaign.
  • Addition of 18 new message templates.
  • Official CLI for automation.

 Q3 2021

Time to school update – new courses and AI

  • New course for users.
  • Add AI technology to phishing campaign reports - will help classify employees into different threat groups and identify those who require further specific actions to enhance data security within the organization.

 Q4 2021

Data warehouse

  • More global reports about organisation
  • System optimisation