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The three pillars of okKoala

Reporting & Analysis
Every action of your employees is automatically recorded and noted in reports. With these reports, you can customize subsequent training and campaigns.
Training and certificate of completion
You can use ready-made training that does not affect the continuity of everyday work or create your own. If you pass the training, you will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the course.
Campaigns and attack simulations
Conduct a variety of campaigns that provide information about the organization's employee behavior and security levels.
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Conduct simulations of real cyber attacks that seek to mislead the user and test their vigilance. A user expecting similar attacks in the future will be more cautious every day while at work, regardless of the equipment or technology used, and will avoid real threats.

Step 1

Message to click on

Step 2

Fake login

Step 3

Training with a prize


A digitally signed certificate demonstrates both the proficiency of the employee, but also the maturity of the company and a responsible employer.


With okKoala, the IT team can prepare campaigns several months ahead, so that koala will work independently and generate further reports.

okKoala and our reliable team control the status and continuity of your tool, so you can so you can fully focus on your business.


You won't be reinventing the wheel. We have a database of over 100 templates.

You can also create and add your own templates that you can easily use.


Reports for every campaign

For each activity, you can get a report that covers a specific group of users, e.g. finance department, people working remotely, IT specialists, etc.

In this way, you can learn about cyber threat awareness in a particular group.

Cumulative Reports

All events generated by users during campaigns or training sessions are aggregated and delivered as a macro summary of the data.

This way, you don't need to waste time on expensive analysis.

Love at first sight

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“Through the okKoala service, I identified employees who careless use of and posed a threat to my company. It is a very effective and easy to easy to use tool.”

owner of a chain of stores


Unlimited phishing messages

You are free to test without counting on your fingers the campaigns sent.

The weakest link detection

You will find out who and how often an email inbox is attacked.

Advanced reporting

Don't waste time on business intelligence, Koala will do it for you.

Cybersecurity certificate

Reward your best employees automatically.

Training gamification

Support the learning effort with a built-in gamification system.

Monthly campaigns

Criminals don't sleep, and neither do the cyber ones. Koala will allow regular automated testing.

Bitcoin ransomware simulation

Find out how your organisation will respond to ransomware.

Microsoft 365 MFA's theft

Password not enough security? Rest assured, we'll find something on the MFA too.

Test yourself

Is this email safe?

Invest in your security today Our team can help with phishing problems.